Continental Forum Arad

thumbnail of Occupying the highest building in town, this elegant and striking property fuses cosy comfort with a range of impressive facilities. Positioned on a major avenue, embrace the centrality […]

Pension Xo Residence

thumbnail of The newly built Pension Xo Residence near the centre of Arad is 100 metres away from the hospital district and near a major financial centre, offering superbly equipped, heat-and […]

Hostel Fortress

thumbnail of Situated close to the centre of Arad, the Hostel Fortress provides accommodation in a fresh and familiar atmosphere, run by young, helpful and multilingual staff. The bright and spacious […]

Hotel Phoenix

thumbnail of The Hotel Phoenix is located in the northwestern part of the city of Arad, close to the Nadlac and Turnu customs facilities. It is a new building with a modern architecture which ensures […]

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  • Gyula (32.3 km, 4 hotels)
  • Gyomaendrőd (56.7 km, 1 hotel)
  • nagyvarad (67.7 km, 9 hotels)
  • Kétpó (74.1 km, 1 hotel)
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