Castello Di Petroia

thumbnail of A historical site with a beautiful collection of Medieval buildings, the resort is based around the 12th-century Castle di Petroia, set within a large farm with parks and white cattle. […]

Park Hotel ai Cappuccini

thumbnail of The roots of the town date back to ancient times and every historic period since then has left its indelible mark. The Bronze "Eugubean tablets" date back to the 3rd century B.C. and are […]

Relais Ducale

thumbnail of Near the Cathedral, Palazzo dei Consoli and historic churches, the hotel is found in the centre of one of the most beautiful and well preserved medieval towns in Italy. Famous writers, […]

Hotel Gattapone

thumbnail of Hotel Gattapone is set in a magical position below the massive castle which dominates the historic town centre. It looks out over a lovely green valley, straddled by the astonishing […]

Bosone Palace

thumbnail of The Bosone Palace has been gained from the antique Raffaelli Palace that once has been used to be the Residence of the family Patrizia Eugubina Bosone. To the family Petrarca has dedicated a […]

Hotel Tre Ceri

thumbnail of Occupying 2 impressive 14th century buildings, Hotel Tre Ceri provides historic atmosphere and 3-star accommodation in the heart of Gubbio, near Via Dei Consoli, Palazzo Ducale and the […]

Sporting Hotel

thumbnail of The Sporting Hotel is set just a few hundred metres from the ancient city walls, in the sports district of the medieval town of Gubbio. This welcoming hotel is great for both business and […]

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  • Pietralunga (9.1 km, 2 hotels)
  • Montone (12.4 km, 1 hotel)
  • Bosco (16.2 km, 1 hotel)
  • Fabriano (16.8 km, 6 hotels)
  • Petrignano (17.7 km, 2 hotels)
  • Ponte Valleceppi (18.6 km, 1 hotel)
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