Hostellerie de Kluis

thumbnail of Set right at the edge of the green forest of Vogelsanck, amidst the bicyclers’ paradise of Belgian Limburg, you will find this homely establishment. Hostellerie de Kluis offers an […]

Afrit 28

thumbnail of Experience life on the pictorial Belgian countryside and benefit from the ideal location near Exit 28. Although the hotel is named after the Exit located nearby, it is situated in a […]

Domein Bovy

thumbnail of Domain Bovy is located in Heusden-Zolder, close by the racing track of Zolder and the marina of Lummen. Hotel offer 11 renovated rooms with a nice bathroom. The domain is 34 ha. This is the […]

Soete Wey

thumbnail of Soete-Wey is located in the vicinity of the Circuit of Zolder, and still undisturbed in the middle of the Vogelsanck forest, one of the most beautiful spots in Belgium Limburg. Services: […]

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  • Kermt (5.1 km, 2 hotels)
  • Hasselt (5.9 km, 10 hotels)
  • Diepenbeek (9.2 km, 1 hotel)
  • Kerkhoven (9.3 km, 1 hotel)
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