Hotel del Bosque

thumbnail of Located within a 2-hectare area of woodland, this hotel in Pinamar represents a true oasis of peace. Among the hotel’s extensive facilities are two pools, a casino, a children’s club […]

San Remo Viking Hotel

thumbnail of This is a big traditional 2-storey building situated only 2 blocks from the sea and close to Bunge Avenue and to the main commercial venues of the city. Its rooms are comfortable and […]

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  • San Bernardo (27.5 km, 1 hotel)
  • Santa Teresita (41.1 km, 1 hotel)
  • Coronel Vidal (53.7 km, 1 hotel)
  • Mar del Plata (72.6 km, 6 hotels)
  • Montevideo (160.4 km, 1 hotel)
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